Floristique offers a wide range of birthday flowers


Greeting a person on his or her birthday is one of the best ways to show the person that you value the relationship. Often people like to send a gift on the birthday, yet finding a suitable gift is not easy. Also for some people, like government officials and executives of companies, there are restrictions on accepting gifts. Hence increasingly people are opting to send flowers to their friends, family member, or business associate on their birthday, to greet the person. Floristique, Singapore is the top rated florist in Singapore and is the preferred choice of many for sending happy birthday flowers to their loved ones and associates.



While there are a large number of birthday flower bags, baskets, and bouquets available at Floristique, the flowers in the bouquet should be selected based on the relationship. Usually, for a girlfriend or spouse, red or pink flowers, especially roses are suitable. Red roses are associated with romance. However, for a business associate or friend, it is better to send white or yellow roses. Often flowers are sent to important customers and celebrities on their birthday, so in these cases, suitable flowers should be chosen. Lillies are associated with positivity, and orchids are exotic, last for a longer time compared to other flowers.



There are different types of birthday flowers available to suit the budget of the sender. The flower baskets are the cheapest option and are priced at $29.90. These bouquets also contain cheaper flowers like baby’s breath. There is a wide range of flower bouquets available with a variety of flowers ranging from roses to tulips, so based on the preferences of the sender and recipient, a suitable flower bouquet can be chosen. The prices of the flower bouquets start from $39.90 and vary depending