Integrated programme tuition in Singapore

In Singapore students who answer the primary school leaving exam (PSLE) after completing six years of primary school. Students who perform well in the exams can apply for the integrated program (IP). The IP is specially formulated by the Singapore government so that talented students can study the different subjects better. The students who are eligible for the IP do not have take the O level exams like other students, so they can save some time in studies, they can directly apply to college after completing getting their diploma. The IP is a six year program.



Compared to the studies for other students in Singapore, the IP students are expected to study the different subjects far more. While some students may be able to cope with the different subjects being taught alone or with the assistance of their parent, in other cases, the parents are too busy to help their child. In a few cases, the parents may not be educated or cope with the syllabus. So in these cases, if the child is facing problems in one or more subjects being taught, his parents should consider finding a tutor specializing in integrated programme tuition Singapore



The IP curriculum consists of four main subjects – English, Math, Science and Chemistry. In each subject the student is expected to be proficient in different aspects like answering techniques, narrative,essay writing, summary writing, questions, current affairs, oral skills. Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics, Calculus, Sequence and Series are few of the topics in Math. Chemistry includes organic, inorganic, physical elements, priciples of chemistry, elements. Science is the other main subject for the IP course covering the different aspects of physics.


Finding a tutor

In most cases, the parent will have to hire a tutor only if the student is