6 Best Label Printer for Home and Office

Label printing is very important in the final stage of any process of outgoing products, especially in big companies. To do this task multi types of label printers are used to print them out. A good printer is always essential for offices, big organizations, and even homes. Let us look at some of the best label printers for home and office.

1) Zebra ZT600 Series

These user-friendly and durable printer continues the legacy of the XI Series. In a fast-paced business environment, this is one tool that is needed the most. It can grow your production demand and integrate complex systems to bring it in one place as a printed label.

  • 600 dpl micro consistent printing for micro-label up to high volume shipping
  • Comes with a 4.3-inch full-color touch display or a color LED screen
  • Guided instruction for small technical issues
  • Easy to setup
  • Comes with RFID-encoder and media handling options

2) Zebra ZD620 Series

The next generation of Zebra desktop printers is available in direct thermal and thermal transfer models. With multiple developer tools and software, it gives better performance and easier integration. This printer is faster and gives the best quality you need.

  • Comes with 10 button user interface and color LCD
  • Easy to use and setup
  • Can be connected to any wired or wireless network and computer

3) Zebra GC420

If your business is fast-paced and needs to print as fast as you can in this environment, then this Zebra label printer will be the choice you need. This durable printer with dual-wall framed construction will give the speed and the convenience you need when printing.

  • Comes with direct thermal and thermal transfer printing applications
  • Comes with 32 bit for fast label printing
  • Supports media width up to 4.25″
  • Comes with 8MB flash memory storage
  • Easy to integrate because it contains EPL2 and ZPL2 programming language

4) Zebra ZT400

Build on the ZM series printer, it can run smoothly in high critical operations and with multiple added software you can access it from anywhere in the world. All you need in one printer from speed, support, connectivity, and management.

  • Comes with dynamic QR codes for on-demand purposes
  • Link operating system to manage and monitor from anywhere in the world
  • Can utilize non-standard connectivity options
  • Easy to use and easy to setup
  • The printer can be customized using end-user installable media handling options
  • Using Silverline solution can print and encode labels on any surfaces

5) Zebra GK420

This is one of the top-selling printers in the world and it combines speed, networking, and easy-to-use design. This printer is suitable for smaller to mid-sized companies.

  • Easily integrate with EPL and ZPL programming languages
  • Available in healthcare color palette for a sterile environment
  • Offers direct thermal only for cost-saving purposes
  • Can be attached and detached easily to bring to any areas

6) Zebra GX420

Have the fastest print speed and complete feature to enable the flexibility you need in any environment. Tons of applications can be integrated into one to give better quality, performance, cost, and time-saving.

  • Can be used to print up to 104mm
  • Can be chosen between direct thermal or thermal transfer
  • Offers flexible desktop solution for any printing application
  • Can be used for printing label, receipt and handling tag

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