Choosing a HDB Property Agent for Home Sale

A large number of families in Singapore are living in Housing development board (HDB) flats. Often families want to sell their hdb flat since they would like to purchase a larger flat, live in another locality or for other reasons. The process of selling a hdb flat involves finding a suitable buyer and completing the legal paperwork specified by the hdb. Hence the families are interested in finding a suitable hdb property agent. While there are many property agents selling homes in Singapore, the efficiency and price which the agent will get for the same home will differ. Some guidelines which will help the homeowner choose the right agent to get the best price are discussed below.


One way to find a competent agent is to check the history of the agent. Most reputed property agents like will be able to provide details of the homes which they have sold, and the price at which they have sold the home. They will also be able to indicate the time taken to sell the home. Some agents are using better marketing techniques, so they can get more offers for the home, and sell it quickly. Though they may charge a higher commission on the property sold, home owners who wish to sell their home quickly should choose the property agent who has sold a large number of homes quickly.

Marketing techniques

One of the main factors which affects the time taken to sell a property and the price is the marketing techniques used by the property agent. The top rated property agents are usually far more aggressive in marketing the property using the latest marketing techniques including social media. They realize that a large number of property buyers, especially investors, do not have the time to personally visit the property and focus on making videos which can be used for marketing the home on social media. The property agent will often use their own furniture and accessories to enhance the property in the video to increase sales.

Additionally, the property agent will enhance the description of the home to include the positive features of the location like proximity to schools, shopping malls, amenities, transport, future development in the area, and investment potential. After the description and videos have been finalized, they will be listed in the major property portals in Singapore like and Additionally the better agent will also use social media and other online/offline marketing channels to maximize the number of offers received from potential buyers.

Property sale

After the property is marketed online and offline, the buyer will usually get a number of offers. The agent will help the buyer compare the offers and negotiate with the buyer to get the best possible deal. Additionally, the better property agents in Singapore also have a competent legal team who will complete the legal formalities for the sale of the property to save the seller time and money. In case the seller wishes to reinvest the amount received from property sale in a better property, the agent will also help him in doing so.


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