Finding the best job portal in Singapore

Most people are searching for a job online since it is convenient and cost effective. While it is expensive for a person to apply for a job offline, especially if he is not residing in Singapore, the main cost of applying for a job online is the cost of internet access which is very less. Hence professionals from all over the world are using job portals to find suitable jobs, and conveniently apply for them. Singapore also has a large number of job portals like DreamCareerBuilder and searching each portal for suitable jobs is a time consuming process for busy professionals, who do not have much free time to search for a job.


Employer profile

Hence these professionals would like to find the best job portal in Singapore, which they should use for their job search. Some of the tips for finding a suitable job portal are discussed. Job hunting, especially freshers who are looking for their first job should be aware that all the employers posting jobs on a job portal are not alike. While some of the largest brands and reputed companies are offering reasonable compensation and treat their employees fairly, there are a large number of employers who indulge in unethical business practices. They are aware that most employees have less money, are powerless so they try to cheat, exploit them.


Job related problems

In some cases, the employee may have to sign a bond to work with the company for a long period of time, due to which the employee cannot leave the job if he has better opportunities. In other cases, the terms of employment are not fair, and the employee may be penalized for mistakes or be forced to work for a longer time without any kind of compensation. In a few cases, the employer will also demand documents of the employee like the passport which they will not release unless a large amount is paid. Hence it is important to find out how jobs are being posted on the job portal, the source of information


Job posting

Though many of the largest job portals have thousands of jobs posted, many of these jobs are not worth applying to. This is because posting of jobs is largely automated, and there are some scammers who take advantage of the automated posting service. They will often promise very attractive salaries, benefits, to lure a large number of job hunters and then demand a processing fee. These scammers will often disappear after receiving the fee, without giving the promised job. On the other hand, genuine employers will not demand any processing fee and will pay their employees the promised salary on time.


Job quality

Hence in addition to the number of jobs listed, it is also advisable to check the quality of the jobs posted. If there are a large number of work at home jobs promising a huge amount of money, or registration fees, the job portal should be avoided. DreamCareerBuilder is managed by professionals who have many years of experience in recruitment and providing human resources solutions for businesses in Singapore and nearby areas. Hence they can ensure that only quality jobs are posted on the portal so that the time and money of the job applicant are not wasted.

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