Options for ordering iphone 13 in Singapore

The iPhone 13 is the latest model of the iPhone series from apple and is being released in September 2021. It has many features which make it better than the earlier models like a sophisticated camera which makes it is easier to take better photos, make high quality videos with less effort. It also has a ceramic shield which is better than any toughened glass so that the screen will not get damaged quickly. Hence many smartphone users who wish to order iphone 13 singapore would like to know the options available to them, how they can get the best deal for purchasing the iPhone.


The iPhone 13 is available in 3 different options, which vary in the memory available. The basic version has 128 GB memory, while other versions have 256 GB and 512 GB memory. The iphone buyer can directly purchase the iPhone from the apple store or online. In this case he will have to pay the entire amount upfront, or in some cases he will can choose to pay monthly installments with additional interest. Since the iPhone is mostly used for making, receiving phone calls, accessing the internet, taking photos , receiving, sending smses, the smartphone buyer can also choose to purchase the iphone from a telecom provider.


The telecom providers are aware that many people cannot pay the entire cost of the iPhone 13 upfront,and are interested in finance options. Hence they are offering multiple plans which vary in the price, amount of data, phone calls and smses allowed which includes a iphone 13, and a free SIM. Usually for the basic plan, the monthly subscription is lower, and a higher amount has to be paid upfront for the smartphone. The monthly data transfer for the cheaper basic plan is also less. For the most expensive monthly subscription plans, the user is allowed more than 100 GB data transfer and does not have to make upfront payment for the iphone 13.

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